Mission statement

Rich in tradition, integration-conscious & future-oriented. Our Floridsdorfer Athletiksport-Club, which looks back on a tradition of more than one hundred and ten years, is aware of its social responsibility as number three in professional football in Vienna and therefore stands for the following values, which are lived daily in the club:


With over 110 years of club history, the Floridsdorfer AC places great emphasis on values such as tradition, cohesion and a kind of family sentiment. Every player, every employee and every fan should feel at home at the FAC pitch. Dialogue, mutual appreciation and polite manners are the basis for everything else in our club.

Training responsibility:

With more than 250 enthusiastic young football players, the Floridsdorfer Athletics Sports Club offers children and young people in Vienna, especially in Floridsdorf, the opportunity to use their leisure time sensibly and healthily through exercise and sport. The FAC sees itself as a training club and thus serves as a springboard for young players to take their first steps in professional football.

Equal opportunities:

Everyone is welcome at the Floridsdorfer AC. Whether boys or girls, no mather their financial situation, everyone gets the chance to be part of our club.

Conveying values and personal development:

The FAC is committed to conveying important values to its sportsmen and sportswomen and to developing personalities from the youngest to the most experienced. Through cohesion, commitment and fairness under competitive conditions, our players should mature into strong personalities.

Integration and tolerance:

Discrimination, racism, sexism or homophobia have no place at the FAC. Integration and tolerance are indispensable in sport and are lived with full conviction at the FAC. As a diverse community we work towards a common sporting goal at the FAC, these values can be internalized in a playful way.

Commitment and passion:

The Floridsdorfer AC stands for down-to-earth, passionate, combative and honest football, in which every athlete reaches their performance limit. Therefore, the FAC attaches great importance to players with strength of character who are willing to give 100 percent commitment every minute on the pitch to represent the blue and white colors in a worthy manner.

Proximity to regional partners:

It is the concern of the Floridsdorfer AC to support the regional economy through innovative cooperation. With the club motto “Wir für den 21.” (Together for the 21st district), which was launched in 2018, a commitment was made to achieve a close partnership between the FAC and Floridsdorf-based companies, clubs and above all the residents.